WebSMARTT Home Page

The WebSMARTT Home page is your portal to all WebSMARTT functions. The WebSMARTT Home page also contains valuable information and links.

The Home Page contains four sections: the Header, the Navigation Tabs, the Dashboard and the Footer.


The Header is at the top of every WebSMARTT Page.




Clicking Help from any page in WebSMARTT directs you to the Help topic most appropriate for that page.


Logout ends your WebSMARTT session and returns you to the WebSMARTT login page.

Navigation Tabs


The WebSMARTT Home page contains navigation tabs to major WebSMARTT functional modules.

Tabs are customized to each user's permissions level.


The Home tab returns you to the WebSMARTT Home page.


The Dashboard tab opens the Supervisor Dashboard. This page allows a supervisor to quickly view the status of Menu Plans, Production Schedules, Orders and Bank Deposits for each site.


The Customers tab opens the Customer Management Home page.

Point of Sale

The Point of Sale tab opens the Point of Sale Home page.


The Ordering tab opens the Ordering Home page.


The Inventory tab opens the Inventory Home page.

Menu Planning & Production

The Menu Planning & Production tab opens the Menu & Planning Home page.

Item Management

The Item Management tab opens the Item Management Home Page.


The Accounting tab opens the Accounting Home page.


The Admin tab opens the Admin Home page.


Login Details


The User/Site section shows the user currently logged in and the site they are logged in to. Note that the Current Site field is a drop-down menu that allows you to change sites from the WebSMARTT Home page.

School Logo

Displays a district logo. This logo is downloaded and customized from the Admin tab of the WebSMARTT Home page. The Admin tab only displays on the Home page if you have Admin permissions.

Site Contact

The site manager of the site indicated in the User/Site section is automatically filled in from district information. This information is dynamic and changes when a new site is selected.


The Today section shows any important updates for today's date such as Menu Plans or Production Schedules.

You can click on the update to take you to the appropriate page.


The Tomorrow section shows any important updates for tomorrow such as Menu Plans or Production Schedules.

You can click on the update to take you to the appropriate page.


These are broadcast messages configured from the Admin tab of the WebSMARTT Home page. Broadcast messages are generated from the Central office. The same broadcast message is displayed throughout the district.

Date and Time

Displays the current date and time. The clock shows actual time at all times without refreshing the page.

The Footer

The Footer contains the current version and build number of WebSMARTT. It also contains a link to Compass, Technician Connection and to the Heartland School Solutions Website.