WebSMARTT Quick Launch Bar

Once Load Point of Sale Complete has been installed at the site, you will have a shortcut on your desktop entitled WebSMARTT Quick Launch. When the site is paired and you get the data to the site, the Home Page and other links work.





Double-click on this shortcut to open the 'Quick Launch Bar':


The Quick Launch Toolbar remains on top of any other open application.

The image of the button appears as the prominent image above the others as you hover over the Quick Launch buttons.


Database Backup, Database Viewer and Script Utilities have been added to the WebSMARTT Quick Launch. Right-click on the WebSMARTT Quick Launch portion of the bar to select a utility.


WebSMARTT Home Page

QuickLaunchWebSMARTTHomePageButton.JPG Selecting the WebSMARTT Home Page button opens the Login page for entering the WebSMARTT program. Once you complete the Login page and confirm your default site, the WebSMARTT Home page opens.



QuickLaunchWebSMARTTHelpButton.JPG Selecting the WebSMARTT Help button opens the online help topics for WebSMARTT. From this area, you can locate a specific WebSMARTT topic of your choice.


Start Point of Sale

QuickLaunchStartPointOfSaleButton.JPG Selecting the Start Point of Sale button starts a meal session. The first time you use Point of Sale, you will have to enter setup information.

Tip: For more information refer to the Point of Sale section on the Manager Daily Routine topic.


Report Batch Viewer

QuickLaunchEndOfDayReportsButton.JPG Selecting the Report Batch Viewer button opens the Report Batch Viewer screen, where you generate reports by batch.


SL-Tech Support Page

QuickLaunchSLTSupportPageButton.JPG Selecting the SL-Tech Support Page button opens directly to the Technician Connection web page. Here you will be prompted to enter your name, District Name and the select the name of the SL-Tech Representative assisting you. Once you have entered that information, click the yellow button.

Note: If your representative gives you a Service Request #, please enter it as well.


SL-Tech Home Page

QuickLaunchSLTHomePageButton.JPG Selecting the SL-Tech Home Page button opens the SL-Tech Home page on the website. Here, you find general information on the company and current information on ideas we are working on.



SLIDEIcon.JPGSelecting the SLIDE button opens the SLIDE biometric software.


Close WebSMARTT Toolbar

QuickLaunchCloseWebSMARTTToolbarButton.JPG Selecting the Close WebSMARTT Toolbar button closes the WebSMARTT Quick Launch Toolbar.

WebSMARTT will time out after 20 minutes, so be sure to save your work before leaving the workstation idle.